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US/German pharma market testing and pioneering consulting services include:

  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-Launch Market Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Launch
  • Sales, e-Commerce, Marketing
  • Operations and Climate-Controlled Warehousing

Lower the risks of testing and pioneering US and German nutraceutical markets

Tapping new markets is vital for maintaining the revenue growth of established nutraceuticals and other healthcare-related products. Diversifying also helps protect existing in-country assets from the full impact of today’s economic and regulatory volatility.

Success takes more than simply translating everything you’re doing in existing markets. New markets require cultural, regulatory and operational expertise plus the ability to forge productive relationships with the healthcare professionals whose research and endorsements are critical in generating consumer trust and interest and revenue for your products.

That’s where German Pharma Consulting excels, and why our proven, in-country experience reduces the time and financial risks associated with testing and pioneering US and German markets. LEARN MORE...


We speed you to market by keeping what already works for your products in US or German markets while adapting for cultural, regulatory and market realities in the new market. “Cross-pollinating” can generate new revenues for you within 12 months.

Building sales demand

With our established network, we can help you use endorsements and articles from leading doctors, researchers and opinion leaders to build visibility, credibility and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Bringing in experts

From sales representation to web design, direct response marketing and e-commerce, we partner with experts who know our process and have worked with us for years in helping our clients launch and sell nutraceutical and other healthcare products.


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